Amp up the revelation

You are my favorite destination

Past and present no referendum

Hold me back don’t let me let them

Keep me

From you.


I had this dream about you the other night. We kept fighting our same old fight, the one I’m afraid of, the one we’ve never had.

The fight where you forget and obliterate me

The fight where I leave and you feel left bleeding

But I was too you fucker.

In fact, you never even arrived.

Just ignored me from the other side.

How could you? Taunt me with your strength, your trust, your lust, your faith?

I want it all so bad now,

This lively being you’ve set up in your place, with words, and goodness, all fiction.

I should just forget it.

The problem is,

Will you?

Because I’m pretty sure you’re too self serving to even make the attempt.


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