E says,

“I’d cut open your skull so I could make you feel my hands.”

“Focus on the sun, it tells you where you stand.”

“I’m afraid to love you.”

“Won’t you just realize I’m ready to go ahead with something other than the silence.”

“I’d prefer it if you kissed my cheek instead. I’ve been waiting for your lips and I don’t want that dream to flutter away so quickly that I can’t feel it for a few more hours.”

“Wouldn’t you rather love yourself? That makes a hell of a lot more sense, I think, and wouldn’t you agree?”

“Remember, we met in a place that looked up at nothing, felt nothing, and we felt all we had to in order for it to be… Special I guess.”

“I can’t say what you want. I’m not anything like you want.”

“I’d rather fuck you than my hand.”

“Say my name, it looks like your lips are canoodling each other.”

“I laugh at you especially when you’re funny, but mostly when you look funny. Which is often haha.”

“I used to go to church, with my mom. But she hated it. So I missed out on a lot of the God shit. I don’t know if I can even pray, I don’t think he’s listening anymore.”



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