Casey Asked Me Questions!!

  1. What song can you not stop listening to right now?

Ummmm anything by Basic Instinct/anything by Maria Bamford who is an amazing female comedian. Love her.

  1. Who’s your favorite fictional character? Could you beat them in a fight?

Oh god… My favorite fictional character is probably Dumbledore, because when he died I cried so freaking hard, it was like losing a best friend/grandparent, like fuck you…. but yeah, I don’t think I could beat anyone in a fight, I don’t fight, its hard for me to do that lol

  1. What are you most impatient for at this moment?

Puberty ending. And my face to stop doing the thing where it forgets how to show emotions in proper proportion to my internally felt emotions lol

  1. Take your favorite book — or a book you like a lot – and turn its title into a porn parody title. (If this is sacrilegious or otherwise makes you uncomfortable, just do some sort of spoof. I’m lenient; mostly I want creativity and bad puns!)

(The Underneath, a sweet story about a family of abused animals living underneath the home of their abuser, also some swamp spirits, I haven’t read it in a while lol) – Getting Underneath (Its not much of a change but how can you make a porny title out of that sweet ass story lol?) (also yes, porny is a legit word)

  1.  Remember that favorite book above? Describe it in less than 200 characters.

You want them to live, but they don’t. You want the mother cat to live and raise her children, but she dies. And you want Garface to choke on his own nutsack but he remains a terrible ass abusive motherfucker. And so you keep reading, and you think, This is for children???? I hate books that are so good they make you emotional just upon slight memory, yanno?

  1. Would you rather be made of paper or of beef wellington? Defend your decision.

Paper. Duh. I would love to be written on, crumpled up, and then burned in an incinerator. I mean um.

  1. Word association time! I say “all,” you think . . .

Of you cowards deserve total hell. (I think that’s my final answer)

  1. When was the last time a book made you really angry?

OH, definitely The Fault in Our Stars. Mostly because I hate it when people can MAKE me FEEL sad. Like not today!

  1. Do you wish you read more? Why don’t you?

I do… I don’t because I’m scared of losing myself to the goodness of others even more than I already have, and forgetting who I really am in search of trying to understand the goodness of others. I know that’s super egocentric but you know, I am kind of not really in the mood today. (*thinks period is soon*)

  1. What was your most recent Google search?

“David Fincher” (in lieu of finding out he is an INFJ, which is the type I flip flop from INFP to)

  1. Giving yourself 1 minute and no cheating, how many states (in the U.S.) can you name?

Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire! Boom!

Thank you The Drunk Librarian for nominating me!! I don’t follow nor know enough WordPress People to nominate them… so… Um… this is where I leave you!


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